Premium Services

Premium Addiction Treatment and Intervention Services offers premium addiction treatment guidance for individuals and families suffering from the damaging effects of addiction. Our services are customized to address the particular needs of each client and our engagement period is approximately 6 to 12 months.

Full-service intervention packages include a multiple-step process and post-treatment recovery coaching for recovering persons and family members:

  • In-depth interviews with family members and intervention participants;
  • In-depth discussions with existing mental health providers;
  • Research and due-diligence of treatment options;
  • Pre-intervention (day before) meeting with participants;
  • Professionally lead intervention;
  • Escorted transportation to treatment;
  • Post-intervention debrief;
  • Weekly (or as needed) calls with treatment staff;
  • Scheduled calls with a designated family member(s) and medical health providers;
  • Family and spousal support;
  • Weekly or bi-weekly recovery coaching for recovering persons and family members.

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