free treatment solutions is a free service that helps families and those affected by addiction find the treatment they need to recover from drugs and alcohol, and begin living happy and purpose-driven lives.

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Finding the Right Treatment Center

Did you know?

Thousands of treatment centers on the internet offer a wide range of rehab programs, but it's almost impossible to know which one is the best for you or your family member.

Choosing the right treatment center is one of the most important factors in determining a person's chances of achieving long-term recovery.

Selling, Not Advising

Treatment centers spend a lot of money to attract new clients - sometimes as much as $5,000 in marketing per new client. Rehab center websites have photos that make them look like the perfect place, and some make hard-to-verify promises about success rates.

These marketing practices make it difficult to make informed treatment decisions.

Finding the Right Rehab is a team of experienced addiction professionals who have long-term relationships with treatment centers and providers throughout the United States.

We will help you find the best treatment program for yourself or family member.

There is no cost for our service, and we are not paid by treatment centers.

Our mission is to make sure you or your family member receives the best possible care available.

Making an Informed Decision

Using to find the best treatment program and feel assurance that you are making the most educated treatment choice.

Sleep well knowing you or your family member will receive the highest quality of care. Save time and money, reduce frustration, and set the stage for success.

Do treatment centers take insurance?

Most of the treatment centers we refer to are in-network and accept insurance; however, there's a lot to know about using insurance to pay for treatment.

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